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Autumn light 2

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Autumn light 1

I think I have finally learned, when life conspires to get in the way of my art I need to fight that much harder to do it. After several years of not painting as I had no studio I started using my bedroom. Then I had to move into a different space and began trying to paint in the conservatory but after 11 am the sun would come in and turn it into a sweat lodge. Now the winter is allowing me to use that space and if I don’t find a solution before the spring sunshine starts to render it useless again then I will just have to do all my work out doors.

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Artistic struggle

It is almost impossible to developed artistically when the opportunity to practice and produce is punctuated by normal life. Art is a transcendental activity open only to those lucky enough to have either financial freedom or a lot of perseverance. ┬áIt is a journey requiring energy, confidence and commitment, not the easy sit down spare moment hobby that it may appear to be. Most ordinary people won’t get the time to really begin until they retire from work and all the other pressures of life and maybe not even then. I feel privileged that I have the opportunity to steal time and serenity it takes to do this.