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In the woods


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Distant grazers

Plein air site study done very early in the  morning looking over the Taw estuary. I could see the cows gradually approaching the front of my vision so just carried on painting the hills behind while I waited for them. It was a mmoment of serendipity.  Such moments only arrive if you have the chance to go and find them. I love the peace at this time of day, I feel a communion with nature.

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Artistic struggle

It is almost impossible to developed artistically when the opportunity to practice and produce is punctuated by normal life. Art is a transcendental activity open only to those lucky enough to have either financial freedom or a lot of perseverance.  It is a journey requiring energy, confidence and commitment, not the easy sit down spare moment hobby that it may appear to be. Most ordinary people won’t get the time to really begin until they retire from work and all the other pressures of life and maybe not even then. I feel privileged that I have the opportunity to steal time and serenity it takes to do this.